Amend, surrender or transfer your licence

You can apply to us to change your CCA licence terms, conditions or restrictions.

Amend your licence

To apply for an amendment, complete and send us a letter explaining what you want to amend, and why.

We’ll send you a letter telling you whether we’re amending your licence. If we amend your licence, we’ll send you updates to your plan or a new excise plan.

You may need to give us new security.

Surrender your licence

You can surrender your licence at any time. Give one month’s notice, in writing, to the Customs Comptroller.

When you surrender your licence, you must pay excise duty on all excisable items in your CCA. The Comptroller may allow you to move the goods to another CCA, or export them.

Transfer your licence

You can’t transfer CCA licences.

If you move, you must apply for a new licence. If someone moves into your location and wants to keep using it to make excisable items, they must apply for a new licence.